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We take care of all maintenance, updates, and backups while optimizing for better speed, security, and reliability – so you can do what you’re best at.

Host Hopping is History When Your Hosting is Better

You and your clients deserve better. Rise above the competition with better security, reliability, and unrivaled ultra-high speed websites, you’ll never need to migrate a website again.

From white glove migrations to continuous optimization, we handle the mundane so you stay energized, creative, and focused.  We’ve got your back-end.


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Seamless clone of your existing website, so you can see how much better it is than your current web host – a literal side-by-side comparison.





Jicama.io offers high-speed web servers designed specifically for marketing agencies, site designers, and web professionals who actively host sites for their clients.

You can effortlessly host hundreds of websites while benefiting from server-level brute-force attack protection, DDoS protection, and web application firewall rules specifically tailored for WordPress.

Provide superior performance, reducing load times and boosting conversion rates for your clients. Experience the automatic decrease in cost and workload, as Jicama.io revolutionizes web hosting for creative professionals.




Rocket your web design to new levels of efficiency and speed with Jicama.io. Say goodbye to technicalities and focus on unleashing your creativity.

Our fully managed premium WordPress Hosting offers hands-free white glove migration, image optimization, page optimization, and technical SEO optimization.

Experience hyper-productivity and unlimited creative possibilities with Jicama.



Digital Marketing PROFESSIONALS

Jicama hosting includes innovative high speed hosting solutions that allow Marketing Professionals to cut their workload in half or double their client capacity.

Enterprise Web Servers with server level Cache & WordPress Cache plugin, combined with an 80 POP CDN, you get the only CDN that can cache both static and dynamic WordPress content.

Elevate your client satisfaction while helping them grow their business with fully managed hosting & support, specifically designed to enhance everyones’ WordPress experience.

Jicama Hosting – Better Pricing




Jicama hosting, uncompromising value and performance.

Highly optimized and ultra-fast VPS specifically designed to enhance WordPress performance, reliability, and speed.

Fully managed security, updates, and backups (1TB Backup Storage Included) .

Two months free when purchased annually.




Same World-Class hosting, only bigger – double in fact. 2 high frequency 3Ghz+ Intel CPUs,  4GB ram, voluminous 128GB NVME SSD + 2TB of backup storage and fully managed.

This is our most popular plan as it is very hard to outgrow. If you do, we handle the move to an even larger server, at no additional charge.




Everything as before plus a third 3Ghz+ Intel CPU, 8GB ram, 256GB NVMe SSD, and 3TB of storage for backups.

If your business requires more performance we can provide 16 CPU machines, or contact us to discuss custom solutions like clustering and round robin load balancing – fully managed of course!

All plans include our 80+ POP CDN.

The HOW and WHY

Client Website Performance Example

PageSpeed insights – Approaching Perfect Scores

PageSpeed insights – Approaching Perfect Scores

Perfect Scores MatterPageSpeed Insights checks your website performance and offers suggestions for improvement. Google considers these metrics when determining page rank in search results. Faster speed means higher scores, the higher the better. Jicama optimizes...


More inspiration from the BLOG

The Power of Divi AI

The Power of Divi AI

Divi AI is fantastic but what exactly is it, how do you use it, and why would you want to? This innovative tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence from inside your website to revolutionize your creative process. It gives you the ability to use AI to assist writing, images, and even code. What’s more, it learns about your site and the page it’s on to create contextually-relevant content with the acuity of a professional writer, the expertise of a web developer and the skill of a digital artist!

The Future of Web Design: AI’s Vision for 2024

The Future of Web Design: AI’s Vision for 2024

The world is constantly evolving, and technological advancements are shaping the future of various industries including a revolutionary change in web design. Artificial intelligence is transforming not just the way websites are designed, but also how they function and interact with users. With...



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