Perfect Scores Matter

PageSpeed Insights checks your website performance and offers suggestions for improvement. Google considers these metrics when determining page rank in search results. Faster speed means higher scores, the higher the better. Jicama optimizes WordPress and Divi for perfect Performance scores with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. 

PageSpeed Insights

We guarantee PageSpeed Insights performance scores as good as or better than ours so you can boost your online presence and improve user experience. Faster load times help you captivate visitors, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions. Say goodbye to frustrating load delays and hello to a seamless browsing experience.

jicama pagespeed insights scores from website

Reliability Under Load

Handle 1000 visitors simultaneously? Done. 2000 clients sustained for 1 min – Piece of cake. Jicama handles traffic like a walk in the park. Reliability Under Load means Stress Tested not stressed out.


Being the fastest draw on the internet attracts attention. Create websites at jimcama with confidence, knowing your back end is safe and protected. We could go on and on about the security under the technology – but nobody cares. You just want secure, reliable, and fast websites – that’s what we do.

jicama pagespeed insights scores from website
Best Practices

Best practices have to do with server cofiguration and website code. The higher the score the more accurately you follow best practices.


Technical SEO score is a measure of how accuratly your content is configured for google search and keyword pagerank.

Intelligent Solutions

No one likes a slow website but few know or want to do what’s best for performance. We do, because faster is better for everyone.

Website Performance – Experience it Yourself

The $10 Ten Day Trial

Get a taste of our transformative website solutions with our exclusive $10 Ten Day Trial. We clone your existing site, allowing you to experience firsthand and side-by-side, the remarkable difference.