futurepedia.io claims to be the largest AI tools directory, updated daily.

When I started this article futurepedia.io had 2,464 AI tools in its directory, 60 days later there are 4,198. At that growth rate there will be tens of thousands of AI tools in less than a year and if the growth could keep this exponential pace, AI tools will dominate the technology landscape in the very near future.


AI innovation is exploding. There is far more hype than understanding about it, causing some confusion and wild speculation. Is it bad, is it good? It’s neither. It’s a tool. Sure it’s new and sophisticated and seems like magic or some kind of alien technology, but it’s just a tool. We use tools all the time, generally for a specific purpose but there are also multi-tools for muliple purposes. Then there are sets of tools, tool boxes, and even bigger tool boxes full of all those things – a workshop – you get the idea. So AI is just a tool,  what’s the big deal then?

AI is a tool unlike any other. It’s a multi-tool. It’s a power-tool. It’s a super tool. It’s a collection of tools. It’s adaptable, extendable, upgradable and automatible. Here’s the key – it learns, it’s machine learning, and it’s ever learning how to be more and more useful. It may be the most useful tool ever created for computing and it’s still in infancy. It’s growing really big, really fast. That’s what concerns people. check out futurepedia.io to see just how big it is and what all AI can do (so far).


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